Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber kit with the “Hellaflush” Mod

I ordered the Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber kit for my CL9 TSX from HeelToe Automotive. They have the optional “Hellaflush” mod for maximum negative camber which is about $85 extra (Canadian Dollars). I’ve done tons of research on this mod and thought I’d give it a go. Many people complain that with the ordinary Skunk2 arms you won’t be able to achieve that +/- 3 degrees of camber as advertised and only end up with roughly the same camber as what you get with stock arms. Hearing this, I thought the best choice was to get the Skunk2 arms with the optional “Hellaflush” mod. If you’re running Tein Street Flex coilovers or any other coilover that runs wide diameter adjustment collars DO NOT get the Skunk2 arms with the “Hellaflush” mod. They will not fit. You will be just fine without the mod and plus you will save a little money. As there are people that find the mod useful for their application, I for one cannot. I have nothing against HeelToe Auto and Marcus has been nothing but helpful with the mishap. Unfortunately I’m just one of the few who ran into this issue first.. Learn from my mistake.

Here’s a quick unboxing first:



27891107771_e3b15784e8_hEven came with cotter pins!

27934039856_ff41de97d0_hInstall was very easy and straight forward. Only annoying thing was removing the paint off these threads for the ABS sensor. Not hard to do, just tedious. Skunk2 if you’re reading this, mask the threads off when you’re powder coating the arms please!

27355267174_617eedb5bb_hThis is how the arms come out of the box with the “Hellaflush” mod. Ball joint is flipped and a section of the arm is cut for more clearance.
27355341154_5c49f86d27_hThe cut is very clean and very well done. If you do need the “Hellaflush” mod for your application, you do get what you pay for.

27890760741_daa1ca3f9a_hThis is with the ball joint in the correct position as Skunk2 intended it to be. Although now I have a chunk missing in my arm. I hope the structural integrity is not compromised too much.

27866406142_b43ea9213d_hI’ve installed my arms in this position. Ball joint facing the correct position with maxed out negative camber.

27934014796_11b348a2d4_hArms are in with the ball joint in the correct position. No problems here.

27933983646_8b85e22d6b_hThe problem I was having was with the coilover to knuckle clearance. With the Skunk2 arms maxed out with the ball joint in the correct position, I had very little space between the collar of the coilover and the knuckle as you can see, about 3mm. When the ball joint was flipped for the “Hellaflush” mod with even more camber than the picture above, there was no chance of installing everything back together. Even in the most positive camber position possible. No dice. The coilover was hitting the knuckle even before I could finish putting the rest of the bolts in for the install. The mod is useless to me.

27933617686_97313a215a_hFortunately the Skunk2 arms provide a sufficient amount of negative camber for what I had intended with no modification needed.

Conclusion: Do not order the Skunk2 front camber kit WITH the “Hellaflush” mod for the CL9 TSX if you’re running coilovers with a wide diameter adjustment collar. They will not fit and the mod is useless to you, unless you’re willing to do more customization.

However, the Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber kit for the TSX is a great pair of arms. I’m super happy with them. I only wish I ordered them without the mod.. Learn from my mistake.



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