Rain Rain Go Away..

It feels like it’s been raining for the past month straight, holy! I received my A-Spec rear lip and SPC rear upper control arms from Heeltoe Auto earlier this week. I installed the rear lip as soon as I got it. There was one bolt for the SPC rear control arms that was hard to get to so I just asked Jackie at Balance Auto Garage to do it for me as well as an alignment. The guys there got me in quickly and did a great job!

I’ve been driving the car around the last couple of days and theres a really subtle clunk in the front end over any bumps. I took a look and it seems like the bottom of the Skunk2 front upper camber arms are hitting the top of the arm of the knuckle. I’ll either have to add some positive camber to the front or shave a little off the arm. I’ll have to take a better look next time and make sure that’s the problem.

As soon as it stopped raining and we got some sun, I rinsed the car down and took a few pictures. After I rinsed the car I noticed I lost 3 Rays stickers on my TE37! I bought two extra packs of stickers a while ago incase anything happens.. I still need one more now, I should’ve bought a full set FML haha!





RIP Rays stickers.



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