Balance Auto Garage Saved My Life

Stopped by Balance Auto Garage yesterday and got hit by a sudden hail storm. One of the guys heard there was hail coming down in the NW before the storm moved towards us. After hearing this, Alex, Brandon and I immediately put our cars into the shop for shelter. Good thing we did, because I think I would’ve cried if the hail hit my car. I feel so bad for anyone that got hail damage. Especially the ones in the far NE part of the city, apparently there was ping pong sized hail there. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of shattered windshields, dented cars and damaged homes… One of those “damn you Mother Nature” moments for sure.

On a happier note… The shop looked pretty cool filled with a bunch of Hondas. I had to take some photos.


Hondas and TE37s everywhere..


Bronze TE37s for the win..


Alex’s Acura TL Type S on Advan RS



Once the hail died down, we test fitted Errol’s Advan RG 17×8.5 +31 wheels with 255/40/17 Nitto NT01 tires on the TSX. I’ve been having the itch to track my car for a while now and this did not help. I still have my Volk Racing SE37k laying around and they’re similar specs to these Advan RGs, I just need to get some meatier tires for them now.


I think this set up would definitely be doable, but more adjustments are needed. Love that meaty fitment!


Back on TE37s..


A Boosted Power House Amuse AP1 S2000… Looks funny without the front lip/splitter haha, a few things were removed already as the engine is currently being swapped out.


275/40/17 NT01 in the fronts of the Integra Type R, holy!


Can’t wait to see this thing run…

All these cars will be at Illmotion’s Sunday School Show and Shine on August 14th, 2016 at the Max Bell Centre. This will be the first time my car will make an appearance at a car show!


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