Philip Thi’s 1997 Integra Type R

The Honda guys got together for some bubble tea the other day. Prior to this, I asked Philip if I could try shooting his car before he stores it for the winter. His plates expire in a couple of days so we agreed to try shooting the car before bubble tea, which left me about an hour before sun set. This is my first “shoot” so I’m not really sure what I’m doing but damn am I ever learning lots! And that’s all I can ask for..

The first one to arrive was Josh with his clean K swapped Spoon Sports themed EG6. Philip didn’t arrive yet so mind as well snap a few photos while we wait right? Haha


Has to be one of my favourite local Honda builds right now.. Spoon everything.


Sitting on Bronze Volk Racing TE37 with Spoon twin blocks..


I forgot to take an engine bay shot or interior shot because I was just mesmerized.. Next time.

Next one to show up was Alex with his K swapped EM1 track/show car. Philip hasn’t arrived yet so mind as well shoot this car too!


Sitting on Bronze Volk Racing CE28 with a Mugen Ferio wing .. Just perfect.


Quick Interior shot..


Spoon Sports cluster.. Oh my.


First Molding Carbon Lip and Canards..


Peep those Endless Brakes.. Which are being replaced soon I believe.

The sun was setting and Philip arrived just in time with his ITR.


Sitting on Bronze Mugen MF10 wheels, JDM front end and a J’s Racing carbon air duct.


Azect side skirts, rear lip and a Mugen Gen 2 wing.. So good.


Clean and simple..


This car is every Honda fan boy’s dream.

I was lucky enough to have such nice Hondas to practice shooting with.. Hopefully I can continue shooting them and other clean ass builds!

Download full resolution photos here –


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