Our Short Trip to Vancouver

About two weeks ago I got a unsuspected phone call for a job offer. As stoked as I was, I had to cut my summer plans short and had to get away one last time before I started work. I’ve never been to Vancouver before and we were planning to go this summer anyways. A couple days of planning and we were on our way..

Please forgive me, I forgot my camera for one out of the three days. Also I didn’t take very many photos.. I usually like to take in what’s around me and the last thing I want to do is pull out my camera to snap a photo. But every time I get home and look at the photos I’ve taken that day.. I ALWAYS regret not taking more. In result of this, some of these photos are from my Instagram/Snapchat story.. Haha sorry.

28792126580_798684041b_kAfter the long 12 hour drive, the first stop was our Airbnb.

29001629381_4f9dd3e41c_kAfter settling in, we immediately went to Lynn Canyon Park.. After some bubble tea of course. I think we had bubble tea everyday there all from different shops across town.

28457346824_73a6deb929_kCliff divers everywhere, one dude did a backflip.. It was insane.



28457109244_65e9cd8ad3_kAll the trees here are so big and tall.




28972566932_ff0780a5a9_kThe Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.


29077454275_6e4de67158_kThere are dogs everywhere in this city! I just want to meet them all.



28459728893_2458bae840_kJust about to leave Lynn Canyon Park and eat some sushi.

I was super happy I brought the TSX to Vancouver. It drove amazing. I almost backed out and brought the beater minivan last minute. I had no trouble driving here or around town. The only trouble I had was trying to get into the underground parkade at the Airbnb. Luckily there’s street parking close by and the area was relatively safe from theft so parking on the street was no problem.

28790955790_46638e4187_bNero Belgian Waffle Bar for brunch the next day. This is the day I forgot my camera.. We rented bikes and biked around Stanley Park. We also took the ferry and checked out the Granville Island Public Market.

29077072145_ce406343d5_kFor dinner, we went to the Phnom Penh Restaurant! This place was on the top of my list of things I wanted to do in YVR. Being Khmer, I had to go here haha. I loved the butter beef and garlic fried chicken wings. SO GOOD!

29000865271_0aa83bad5a_kDuring our visit, we tried three different Japanese restaurants: Tomokazu, Green Leaf Sushi and Suika. They were all really good, way better than Calgary for sure. A kudos to my friend Philip too BTW, that guy helped me plan my whole trip of restaurants basically haha..

29077217285_d576d666c5_kAfter checking out the Vancouver Aquarium, we went to the BC Place and watched the Vancouver Whitecaps play the San Jose Earthquakes. Calgary needs a new stadium and a soccer team like this!




29000733271_1f5fd83952_kAnother thing we wanted to do was check out the Richmond Night Market. We got there pretty late after the soccer game. We didn’t have enough time to try everything.. Next time.




29044499866_0cdd3e0684_bThis thing looks like a boob implant.


The next day we headed back to Calgary and got home pretty late. Cleaned the bugs off the TSX, detailed it in the morning and the car was parked at Illmotion’s Sunday School Show and Shine the next day. Unfortunately I took zero photos that day and again I came home regretting it. Next time you see me please motivate me to take some photos. 🙂


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